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Beatles on iTunes

November 16, 2010

Does anyone care as much as Apple thought they would? I read a few articles about this and then I read the comments below the articles…there seems to be a lot of people that spend a ton of time reading news and blogs online and negatively commenting on everything like it’s their job. This, I do not understand. I think it’s maybe a generational thing. The youngins have learned to communicate in this inter-webular-cyberworld and are not held accountable for the things they say. Maybe when they grow up, they will learn to appreciate the music and download a Beatles song or two onto their ipod, or whatever the music-listening do-dad will be called in the future.

Jim’s theory is that Paul and Ringo felt a little threatened by my presence on itunes and decided that they better do something quick.

I have not been working on ANY music at all lately. My house is a mess, waiting for me to restore it’s youthful glow. So, one thing at a time these days. The music will have to wait. I thought I would post a holiday song or two, since it is that time of year. So, here is a song that my old band, The Come Ons, recorded about 6 years ago at our practice space in Redford. It’s not bad, considering that all I had was some sm58s and a 1/2″ tape. We only released these songs on a limited 45 pressing, so this is it’s digital debut. This song is a Peggy Lee number called “Don’t Forget To Feed The Reindeer”, always a favorite of mine as a kid. This is a completely different arrangement from the original. I hope you like it.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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