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August 22, 2010

iLike. Yes. I’m official now. The White Album tribute songs are officially on iTunes:


Hook up yer iPod kids. Even furry meatloaf enjoy a Beatles tribute or two:


Digital Downloads Available Now!

August 16, 2010

Hey kids! For all of you that didn’t get enough of me on this blog, well, you can take me with you – on your computer, on your ipod, burned to a cdr, whatever. Play White Album Tribute songs at your next party! Play them at work! Play them for your cats (cats LOVE White Album Tribute songs). Here’s the link to the cdbaby artiste download page:

Every Nine Days

Thank you for your support.

Cupcakes Yummy Yummy

August 14, 2010

I remember making cupcakes with my mom when I was a kid. I loved making them because they had their own little paper cup in a pastel color, and they baked faster and cooled faster than a whole cake because they were small. That meant you could frost them and eat them sooner too. I also loved sticking my finger in the Crisco and then coating that with sugar and eating it. That’s pretty gross. I wouldn’t do that now because I use butter instead of Crisco.

When it was your birthday at school, it was expected that you bring cupcakes for the entire class, even the kids you didn’t really like. The nuns would not have allowed treat favoritism. I remember once my mom forgot to make cupcakes for my birthday when I was in third grade at St. John Bosco. I was very upset. So she went to the store and bought pink snowballs for everybody instead. Remember snowballs? The icing feels like rubber in your mouth.

Anyway, cupcakes are just small, convenient pieces of cake that you can eat with your hands. Perfect for kids. So what’s the big deal with cupcakes these days? It seems that everyone’s got a boner for cupcakes and cupcakeries are opening up everywhere. The bummer about these places is that most of them make lousy cupcakes that taste like they came from Costco or a Betty Crocker mix. Which is fine in a pinch! But to build a business around crappy cupcakes made from crappy ingredients doesn’t make much sense to me. Add to that the fad that is the cupcake (now quietly being replaced by the french macaron) and you got nothin’. It’s like a Rubik’s Cube store. How long can that last?

My friends at Pinwheel Bakery were invited to audition for the Food Network show Cupcake Wars. They make much more than just cupcakes at this bakery and all of it’s good. Sometimes the service is a bit crabby, but Jim says this is due to the fact that “they put all of their sweetness in their treats.” Really. So Pinwheel made an audition video and I told them I would write some music for it, something upbeat, something about cupcakes. I started to write the song 2 weeks ago. Somehow it ended up in a minor key. Not so uplifting. I just finished it today. Needless to say it was too late to include it in the video. I don’t even know if they would have wanted to use the song but I figured I should finish what I started. I think it could use a saxophone, so if anyone wants to add a saxophone, send me an email. I used a drum track played by my ex-bandmate Patrick, then adding a drum intro of my own so I could rip-off the intro to the Velvelettes song He Was Really Saying Something. The rest is all my fault…so don’t be mad at the cupcakes.

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