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June 17, 2011

I am pleased to report that the Tambourine Project is back in full swing. Today’s collaboration songs come courtesy of my friend Chris Sutton who was in Detroit recently, blissfully snoring on my cat-pissed couch and playing bass with the Dirtbombs. They performed a record’s worth of oldie Detroit techno hits for the Movement electronic music festival at Hart Plaza. When he’s not slumming it in the Motor City, Chris is the touring bass player for The Gossip, who are not on tour at the moment. I met him when he played drums in a band from Olympia, Washington called C.O.C.O.  He temporarily joined The Come Ons when we went to Spain in 2005 and recorded a groovy 12″ single with us too, fuzzing out some freaky guitar noise on Donna Summer’s I Feel Love cover.

I asked Chris to participate in my latest blog project without any idea what we would do. I had no lyrical inspiration, no bass line brewing in the back of my skull. When he actually agreed to my fun and games, I was stumped. It then became twice as difficult to think up something we could collaborate on. That Sunday while the DBs were practicing, I dropped my mom off at church and went to the mall. It’s how I spend my Sundays lately, walking around Laurel Park Place, buying socks and underwear, stopping at the Coffee Beanery while averting my gaze from the Godiva kiosk. I wasn’t expecting to find a flash or even a flicker in this place of glossy floored suburbatude that could serve my Tambourine Project needs. Then later, while walking out to my car in the parking lot, there it was on a Honda CRV license plate: 2CHIL4U.

Chris Sutton has to be one of thee most “chill” people I know. Maybe it’s the weed, but he’s got that laid-back, cool-with-the-world-and-everything-in-it-ness that I kind of envy. Of course, he also lives in Portland.

I texted him right away.

Two days later we recorded bass and drums, tambourine, hand claps, egg shaker, keys and vocals. I wanted the lyrics for both songs to be kind of a call and response, like UTFO’s Roxanne, Roxanne…only minus the record scratching. So Chris did a little rap on his song and I wrote my response based on his rap. It’s all in fun.

Chris Chill

D Chill

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