Beatles on iTunes

November 16, 2010

Does anyone care as much as Apple thought they would? I read a few articles about this and then I read the comments below the articles…there seems to be a lot of people that spend a ton of time reading news and blogs online and negatively commenting on everything like it’s their job. This, I do not understand. I think it’s maybe a generational thing. The youngins have learned to communicate in this inter-webular-cyberworld and are not held accountable for the things they say. Maybe when they grow up, they will learn to appreciate the music and download a Beatles song or two onto their ipod, or whatever the music-listening do-dad will be called in the future.

Jim’s theory is that Paul and Ringo felt a little threatened by my presence on itunes and decided that they better do something quick.

I have not been working on ANY music at all lately. My house is a mess, waiting for me to restore it’s youthful glow. So, one thing at a time these days. The music will have to wait. I thought I would post a holiday song or two, since it is that time of year. So, here is a song that my old band, The Come Ons, recorded about 6 years ago at our practice space in Redford. It’s not bad, considering that all I had was some sm58s and a 1/2″ tape. We only released these songs on a limited 45 pressing, so this is it’s digital debut. This song is a Peggy Lee number called “Don’t Forget To Feed The Reindeer”, always a favorite of mine as a kid. This is a completely different arrangement from the original. I hope you like it.

Happy Thanksgiving.


6 Responses to “Beatles on iTunes”

  1. Matt Blick Says:

    I don’t think it’s the amazing world changing event that Apple (either one!) made it out to be.

    It will benefit EMI (and may keep them afloat for a little longer) but most people who care already have all the songs digitally anyway.

    The best thing hasn’t happened yet – which would be for everyone to have access to the mono versions, american albums maybe even the original ‘Get Back’ albums.

    Now that would be cool.

  2. Pete Says:

    As Matt says, anyone who cares very likely already has the CDs and has ripped them. I haven’t only because of budget concerns, but I still think that getting the CD set for $130 or so street price and being able to rip to my specifications, not Apple’s, is a far better deal than $150 for their “LP enhancements” and their choice of bitrate.

  3. jenny barbour Says:

    okay, i am in love with your voice all over again. i never heard this peggy lee song but i did love peggy lee growing up. all my parents’ music and movies were gifted to us by our parents’ passion for them.

    re: beattles and apple:

    i don’t relate to the apple cult-tastic alter ego some fans seem to inhale and exude. i don’t want want one supplier to create a “whole-life”, or “whole-market” reality for me. i am completely okay to get some music one place and some in another. there is the most wonderful little pink building bakery tucked in between older and older style building in salt lake city. i always loved going into that tiny store and buying fresh cookies or cupcakes, sometimes danish to bring fresh and flaky sweet to my business accounts. apple will never have that special little boutique feel.

    i think it is generational miss deanne (though i think i am a whole generation older than you!) i think the megastores like target and wallmart, shopping malls which seem like one huge store, all translate well to the all brands concept of a single seller.

    maybe this is the generational rift. the beattles were in the world, on tour, during our lives. they are a fantasy to today’s market and beattles music less revolutionary to them perhaps, since rock and roll sprang to life, was invented, before our very ears and simply echos in theirs?

    npr has a heartwarming interview with bruce springsteen with his “good-friend” actor ed norton asking the questions. bruce talks about his creative process writing songs. i imagine folks experience the creative process in myriad personal ways. BS manage’s a collage work of lyrics and notes. i am with him, i have to scratch it all out on paper. see it, move it around. (writing, not song-writing for me)

    some folks do this all in their heads. (is that one-stop shopping?) that may be a sign of youth itself.

    i have loved the irony of the apple label not being on apple all this while. it is more my perspective that the beattles will allow apple to carry them, rather than the other way around.

    i like being in love with artists more than being in love with the warehouse that stores their goods and sells them.

    i am stuck in my ways, it is true.

    this is my first holiday song of the season! i am glad as i’ve heard reports of jingle bells from friends who spend time shopping. i will play this for auntie pat and cousing john et al. @ thanksgiving.

    joy and wonderfilled wishes to you and all! o’s 🙂

  4. Ewolf Says:

    There were only five or six Christmas songs I considered listenable. Now it’s six or seven.

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