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Barbara Ann

May 14, 2011

I recorded this one on my Casiotone MT-400V. A little online research on the keyboard turned up this guys blog:


Makes me feel like I need to go to school to really use this thing. I’m not a music nerd, or an electronics geek. I kind of wish I was, then maybe I would get more interesting results.

Thought I’d post this just for fun. If you’re not a fan of the original (like me) you might just hate this version too.

Barbara Ann


Johnny Nash

May 8, 2011

I’ve been on the fence with posting this song, not really sure that I like the version I came away with. I recorded this by request for the trailer documentary I spoke of in my Beach Boys post. I think Johnny Nash is great and I like “I Can See Clearly Now” even though it’s one of those over-played radio songs. Not surprisingly, an instrumental version is being used for a current allergy medicine advertisement.

The original is weird sounding when you give a good listen. There are distorted horns and accordion and great vocal harmonies. I tried to emulate some of that weirdness with my Casio SA-21. It’s got all kinds of distorted sounding fake instruments on it. My favorite is the spacey sounding thing I put on the final verse. It’s called Cosmic Sound, and I have to agree, it’s what I imagine the star-filled cosmos to sound like.

Johnny Nash has a beautiful voice. I had to drop the key on this song because I can’t sing it like Mr. Nash and because I had a tremendous cold last week. It was a fun and sometimes frustrating challenge to perform everything in one take; no “punching in” as they say. Jim played guitar and bass on the song – thank you! I did not have the patience for either. The song sounds mellow, not exhilarating like the original. But what can you do? I didn’t have any bongos. All that really matters is my mother-in-law loves this song, so…Happy Mother’s Day!

I Can See Clearly Now

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