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Paul McCartney

July 29, 2010

Did anyone see the PBS special where Paul McCartney was honored by President Obama with the Gershwin Prize for Popular song? I only saw about a half hour of it and it was great! I don’t have tivo or a dvr, but I checked out Jack White on youtube and he did Mother Nature’s Son from The White Album! Here it is if you want to check it out:

I’m sure you can find other artist’s performances on youtube as well. I thought the whole thing was very cool and I liked seeing Emmylou Harris and Elvis Costello and Dave Grohl. I love Stevie Wonder and he was the only one grooving and singing along to Band On The Run. Everyone else in the audience acted like they were at an opera…very well dressed and stiff. Can I say that I don’t like Ebony and Ivory? I know it was a huge hit but it’s sort of goofy.

Speaking of goofy, I’m working on a country song. I haven’t finished writing it so I can’t record it yet, so I’ve got nothing to post this week. I know it’s been a few weeks, but Jim and I have been working on refining digital versions of 15 of the Every Nine Days White Album songs so I can post them on itunes. I’m still waiting to clear licensing on a couple of George Harrison songs, then off they will go into download cyberspace! I picked 15 of what I thought were the songs I performed the best, not necessarily my favorite songs. A few needed some tweaking. I don’t mind posting songs on my blog that are a little sloppy but I couldn’t justify selling them with glaring mistakes (ie. “soap confection”). I will send out a post when all this comes to fruition. Cheers!


Give Me More

July 6, 2010

Ok. I think I need to change the name of this blog to Every Nine Days or So…I could have posted a song on July 4th, but I decided to go to Lake Michigan and get a sunburn instead. I just finished working a temporary job on a film and it was like being in prison for 3 weeks. I needed a day off from everything. In the last 23 days I had no time for anything but work and not much sleep. Somehow I managed to get my last 2 songs posted on time, I know. Now Jim is working the studio for 12+ hours a day, so this song is sadly, unmixed. It’s incomplete too, because I wanted to play drums on it and a few other things, but I thought, well it’s been longer than nine days, I should post it just the way it is.

This Saturday will be my mom’s 80th birthday and we’re having a party for ol’ Delores. She raised eight snotty and undisciplined children and somehow most of us didn’t end up in jail. I’m not saying that some of us shouldn’t be, I’m just sayin’. My mom got a part-time job at McDonald’s when I started kindergarten after 25 years of raising kids (i’m number eight) and put herself through school, graduating at age 50 from Shapiro School of Nursing. She worked at the V.A. until her hip gave out at 70-something. She does and says crazy things sometimes, but she’s an inspiration to me. Now she takes care of my dad. He’s still alive because of it, I’m sure. Happy Birthday mom!

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