Let me tell you all about ME. I have a hard time talking about myself. It all sounds pretty dull in my head…let’s see. I love playing music. I love to write music, arrange songs, record. I don’t like to play the guitar because the strings hurt my fingers. I like to sing in the shower. I hate recording vocals. I started my first REAL band when I was 26. We couldn’t find a singer so I became the default singer. I don’t feel shy on stage, but I never felt like a performer. I’m an “in the background” kind of musician. So this White Album project speaks to what I love about music. This was always my favorite Beatles record since I was a wee child. It was recorded at a time in rock and roll history when musicians took chances and labels put out weird records. And people liked them and bought them too! It has great variety, none of this samey-samey stuff you can hear on any popular release today. Listening on my ipod, (not the best for my ears, I know) I can hear all the parts I never noticed before. The great horn arrangement in Ob-la-di Ob-la-da. The sighs into the microphone. What to do about Revolution 9? I have no idea yet, but that’s months away. It’s going to be complicated. My husband is a recording engineer and I have the technology at home. I just need his help. He’s very busy – ALL THE TIME. But between figuring out all the parts and practicing, practicing, practicing, I need a little support here. Hopefully, I can con him into donating some time to this little project of mine by making him delicious cookies or buying him his favorite Bolthouse vanilla chai beverage. He just doesn’t realize how fun this will be yet.


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