The Super Naturals

November 4, 2014

hank-williams-eric-cunninghamBack in April I created a Facebook page for my new imprint: The Super Naturals. It was originally me and two other supernatural ladies and we had a show booked opening for Holly Golightly at the end of April. It was a whirlwind of practices, arranging songs, changing up instruments and teaching my lovely niece Emily how to play the bass inside of a month. Well, long story short, Emily got a migraine, Holly lost her voice and the show was fortunately cancelled. Not sure we could have pulled it off as a twosome…but Helen & I were willing to try!

Ramblin’ Man by Hank Williams is the first song I learned to play on guitar. It’s got two chords. His songs are the best ones to play when you’re learning guitar—they’re simple and fun to sing along to. I’m not the kind of ramblin’ man that Hank was singing about but I do have a restlessness that manifests itself in other ways. I can say though that when I was about 23 I did try to jump a train car from Alexandria, West Virginia to Seattle, Washington with a young, charming lad that I met in D.C. Lucky for us, security stepped in and told us to shove off so we slept outside in a park by a fire station with blankets given to us by kind firemen. Next day I bought a plane ticket to Seattle.

Since I’m a bass player by nature this arrangement is very bass/drum centric. My friend Andy Henry graciously played guitar on the track. I’m thinking that the Jim Kissling mix gives it a very supernatural sound. Wouldn’t you agree?

In keeping with the friendly spirit of this blog I asked Andy to cover a Hank song too. These are the results…enjoy.


4 Responses to “The Super Naturals”

  1. David McKay Says:

    This is a welcome post! I enjoyed your Beatles recordings, but that was several years ago.
    These two are great!

  2. dear jabby Says:

    honey darling deanne, i think this is just dandy. i love the work that you do, the heart that you have, and that you share it all here. xoxoxo love you, jenny b

  3. Patty Pantano Says:

    Sweet Deanne….where have I been? obviously not alert and oriented…just found this and realized that it was yours. Glad to see that you’re blogging again. Hope all is well w/ you and yours.

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