A Summer Song

August 15, 2011

I’ve been trying to record and post this song for two months. When I was considering cover ideas for the Frankly Speaking documentary trailer this one felt like a good fit for the movie, for me, for this summer. I’ve always loved A Summer Song, its gentle vocal harmonies and guitar accompaniment wrapped in a beautiful string arrangement, evoking sad and sweet memories of summers gone by. My version, of course, sounds nothing like THAT, but I couldn’t very well do a copycat seeing as I don’t play the guitar or the violin.

My father passed away at the end of June. Since I’ve talked about him in several posts on this blog I felt I should mention that now. That fact also affected my ability to get this song recorded and posted in a timely fashion. Since he’s been gone I’ve been very busy with work as well, which I hope to never take for granted. Walking dogs and petting kitty cats is pretty great even when you’re happy. When you’re sad it’s awesome too.

I think my dad would have really enjoyed my version of this song, me being his baby daughter and all. But he loved popular music, much more than my mom ever did. I would play Otis Redding or Billie Holiday in the house and my mom couldn’t stand it! My dad would always ask me what I was playing, who was singing… Music made him happy. Sometimes I feel sad when a memory of him pops up in my head and sometimes I feel relieved that he is not suffering anymore. I do know that I haven’t cried much since he’s died.

So here it is…


7 Responses to “A Summer Song”

  1. Kathy Dernoga Says:

    Deane, just beautiful! What a poignant song in memory of your father. We did not listen to much music growing up. I love music but I’m totally tone deaf. I encourage my kids to listen to any music they like especially since they have it in their blood. thanks for sharing your song.

  2. dear jabby Says:

    well this has me at an all time huge high of “yay you”.
    i wept, and as few know, i rarely weep but for certain clear communicative voices/hearts, that speak in a language i can understand.. paired with this photo of your papa, i am certain that in his heart of hearts he saw you, adored your beauty, and talent, and all the places (mind etc) that he got to meet you. genetically we may be more similar to one parent over another. sometimes this is only in minor ways. to share music is not so common as music lovers may feel. there is an out of range audience, perhaps a little like your mom… but the joy in your father’s face, the even gentle joy of his face… this is a face who loved, really, loved and felt loved. you good hearted you. my dad would have loved your voice… he liked women singing on their own. your tones are inviting, haunting, and nakedly authentic. thank you so so much for sharing this. 🙂 sing on sweet girl…

  3. dear jabby Says:

    oh, dear jabby is me, jenny barbour miss deanne! xoxo!

  4. The song is beautiful!! Good for you, Deanne! LIVE in your dad’s honor and bask in the wonderful life you shared and that you now have because of him. He’d be SO PROUD of you! 😉

    ~ Joleen

  5. Fran Firek Says:

    I’m Joleen’s mom and I’m sitting here with tears rolling down my face. My husband, Frank, absolutely loved music, especially the 50’s and 60’s music. It’s the only thing he connected with at the end. Your recording is beautiful, and I’m sure the music for the movie will be wonderful. We were married for 45 years, but like the song says, “All good things must end some day”.

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