Johnny Nash

May 8, 2011

I’ve been on the fence with posting this song, not really sure that I like the version I came away with. I recorded this by request for the trailer documentary I spoke of in my Beach Boys post. I think Johnny Nash is great and I like “I Can See Clearly Now” even though it’s one of those over-played radio songs. Not surprisingly, an instrumental version is being used for a current allergy medicine advertisement.

The original is weird sounding when you give a good listen. There are distorted horns and accordion and great vocal harmonies. I tried to emulate some of that weirdness with my Casio SA-21. It’s got all kinds of distorted sounding fake instruments on it. My favorite is the spacey sounding thing I put on the final verse. It’s called Cosmic Sound, and I have to agree, it’s what I imagine the star-filled cosmos to sound like.

Johnny Nash has a beautiful voice. I had to drop the key on this song because I can’t sing it like Mr. Nash and because I had a tremendous cold last week. It was a fun and sometimes frustrating challenge to perform everything in one take; no “punching in” as they say. Jim played guitar and bass on the song – thank you! I did not have the patience for either. The song sounds mellow, not exhilarating like the original. But what can you do? I didn’t have any bongos. All that really matters is my mother-in-law loves this song, so…Happy Mother’s Day!

I Can See Clearly Now


2 Responses to “Johnny Nash”

  1. jim warner Says:

    Sounds Good guys!

  2. jennyb Says:

    I cannot help myself. I like everything you do.

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