New Project for 2011

March 2, 2011

Welcome to the debut of the E.N.D. Tambourine Project. While feeling uninspired and unmotivated to work on music for this blog (or for any reason, for that matter), I re-discovered an old email from my friend Andy. He had a song lyric idea that he emailed me in July 2009. The idea came from a comment I made to him about an old tambourine that I’ve had since I was 10 years old and taking belly dancing lessons in Virginia Pleak’s basement. Just a side note for those who don’t know me personally, I’m not Greek or Lebanese. I wanted to take ballet lessons just like every other little girl that dreams of being Miss America. My mom signed me up for ballet, but Mrs. Pleak had other ideas. She was an exotic dancing enthusiast, back when the phrase really meant exotic dancing, not just a polite word for stripping. I was lured by the romance and fancy dresses of Mexican and Spanish dance, learning how to flirtatiously flutter a large lacey fan about my ten-year-old face. I could barely master the castanets but the gowns dazzled the audience with vibrant color and sequins, so I don’t think anyone took notice. Virginia not only roped me into belly dancing, but every kind of South Pacific dance: Tahitian, Polynesian, Samoan, Hawaiian. I learned the lovely hand language of Hawaiian dance, the art of swinging glow-in-the-dark Poi balls in one hand, and hopping like an old-school jump-roper in between bamboo sticks as they rhythmically beat on the floor.

I don’t know why I held onto that old tambourine all these years, but eventually it was used on several recordings with The Come Ons. It lost a few cymbals over time and I’ve since duct-taped it to another larger tambourine that somehow ended up with our gear after a weekend of shows with the Deadly Snakes. It sounds like a complete racket, like a metal garbage can crashing into a cement wall. It’s simply jarring and I love it. Jim on the other hand, thinks it’s quite unmusical. Hence the lyric “Baby Don’t Like The Sound of My Tambourine” was born – at least in Andy’s head.

So I found Andy’s old email a few weeks ago and decided to work on lyrics. When I contacted him to say I finished the song, he said he had just finished writing a song too, with the same lyric. Whoa! Weird. I suggested that we work on both songs together and record them. Here is the result. More Tambourine Project collaborations to come!

Baby Don’t AH

Baby Don’t DD


4 Responses to “New Project for 2011”

  1. jennyb Says:

    well deanne, it’s noon here and i hadn’t fallen in love all day… now here i am feeling all joy and enchanted. love your friend andy, love you, love your lyrics and co-songs, empathically collaborated… your story telling skills are sweet, resonant… i am thinking there is a book in here, in you, somewhere… with a cd attachment… i feel just like i did when i was a girl with fans and twirling, and brand new hips, dancing around without instructions… i must fall in love with myself earlier than noon each day… lest i forget how sweet it is. thanks sister cousin friend. 🙂

  2. jennyb Says:

    ps: my papa listened to nora jones while his last out breaths escaped him, free once and for all…
    i will be perfectly happy to listen to your sweet voice, blend my out breaths into some open window. your notes and my heart, out to the world and the sky.

  3. lvmojomom Says:

    I read your post a few days ago on my phone, but just got to listen to the songs today.
    I loved your song! You have such a sweet beautiful voice and I too love your story telling style. Miss you!

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