One Year Not Entirely Wasted

September 9, 2010

Well, it’s been exactly one year since I started this blog on 09-09-09. Funny how things happen in the universe, but the reason I started it was to keep my hands free from devil’s work after I was laid-off from my job on September 6th. Now I have a job! It’s a little vague right now, but I will be assisting a friend with his business, keeping things organized and hopefully making life easier for him. Being unemployed can suck the life out of your soul as much as any lousy job can. But a good job that makes you feel useful and productive and financially empowered is an amazing thing. Woo-hoo!

I never thought I would be unemployed for this long. Every day I would review the job postings on the Michigan Talent Bank and apply for something that I didn’t really want to do or felt qualified for, knowing that at least a thousand other people in my position were applying for the same $10 an hour job. It’s been a total drag and I have a renewed appreciation for gainful employment and getting up at 6am. Pretty soon those 6am mornings will be dark and chilly. I’ll feed the cats and listen to them slurp up their mushy, wet fish substance while I sip hot coffee and read the New Yorker. Can’t wait.

Regardless of this important change in my day to day, I will continue this blog because it’s what I love to do – write music, play music, make other people listen to my music – and I don’t really have a band to do it with. Besides, I love recording music much better than playing live. And although I do love all matters of performing live – putting on make-up, singing, practicing, wearing something new and fancy – I feel more excited in the studio. By the way, The Sirens are playing a show at the Ferndale DIY Festival on September 18th. I will be flailing and thrashing and loudly banging on drums as my 41 year old arthritic knee throbs with every bass drum kick. Rock AND Roll. The “home studio” will soon be more available for me to twiddle knobs and such and I will resume work on my Lady GaGa inspired dance jam masterpiece.


4 Responses to “One Year Not Entirely Wasted”

  1. Sam Howells Says:

    Congratulations and good luck with the new job! Very glad to hear you’re continuing with the blog – it’s been fun.

  2. TJ Says:

    Congrats on your new job, keep up the good work on music!

  3. Matt Blick Says:

    How old is your other knee?

    Congrats on the job – early mornings and cat slurping and all & thanks for brightening our lives with a crazy project.

    • dmiovan Says:

      The other one doesn’t feel as old, but I think it is! And I just found out it’s not arthritis but a torn meniscus. Hopefully the cortisone will get me through this week!

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