Give Me More

July 6, 2010

Ok. I think I need to change the name of this blog to Every Nine Days or So…I could have posted a song on July 4th, but I decided to go to Lake Michigan and get a sunburn instead. I just finished working a temporary job on a film and it was like being in prison for 3 weeks. I needed a day off from everything. In the last 23 days I had no time for anything but work and not much sleep. Somehow I managed to get my last 2 songs posted on time, I know. Now Jim is working the studio for 12+ hours a day, so this song is sadly, unmixed. It’s incomplete too, because I wanted to play drums on it and a few other things, but I thought, well it’s been longer than nine days, I should post it just the way it is.

This Saturday will be my mom’s 80th birthday and we’re having a party for ol’ Delores. She raised eight snotty and undisciplined children and somehow most of us didn’t end up in jail. I’m not saying that some of us shouldn’t be, I’m just sayin’. My mom got a part-time job at McDonald’s when I started kindergarten after 25 years of raising kids (i’m number eight) and put herself through school, graduating at age 50 from Shapiro School of Nursing. She worked at the V.A. until her hip gave out at 70-something. She does and says crazy things sometimes, but she’s an inspiration to me. Now she takes care of my dad. He’s still alive because of it, I’m sure. Happy Birthday mom!


4 Responses to “Give Me More”

  1. jenny barbour Says:

    oh i love this! happy birthday your mom! my mom is the same age and a wonky hip. they were divorced but my mom was so strong and brave and let my dad visit with her when he was in a chair and too aphasic to talk. he was in there though. confused and head wonky.. but he was there. he hadn’t looked so good as he did one day in the gazebo, listening to mom and me & his friend linda who stayed with him one day a week even after dad dementia head yelled a racist word at her. what can you do? i begged her to stay. and that sunny fallspring day when the chill was high in the air but the fruit trees were blooming…
    my dad smoked his cigarette, didn’t say much, but listened to my mom and her girl laugh lilting, the two of them at least in part who they were once… and i remembered my family. it was quite a day.

    i adore this song, and echo it: give me more!

    i love it just the way it is and wish i had it in my iphone so i could listen to it all the time.

    you are fabulous, thanks so much d.

    sweet dreams and thanks so much. o’s!

  2. aaron Says:

    i liked that a lot too. i knew it was a good idea to keep following your blog after you finished the white album!

  3. jawbone Says:

    not to dismiss jim and his talents, but i really like how this sounds. clean and dry (i like my music like i like my socks), and with enough little extras (backups) to keep things hopping. that’s not easy to do. please wish your mom a happy birthday for me.

  4. jenny barbour Says:

    looks like this sound may be your next cd! you know i love jimmy!

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