Demo! Demo!

June 25, 2010

I have to start this post by wishing Sir Paul a belated Happy Birthday. I was working my tail off last week and didn’t get a chance to write anything. Paul McCartney has always been my “favorite” Beatle, as those things go. And since recording the White Album, I’ve discovered that he’s a much better musician than me. I know, like “big surprise” right? I also had a huge crush on him when I was wee, even thinking I might marry him one day. I think my sister had the same aspiration. Now I just wish he’d stop dying his hair. It’s a strange color.

Neither of us ended up marrying Paul McCartney and it’s just as well. I think my sister is happy with her husband and I really like the man that I married too. As a matter of fact, Jim & I will be celebrating our 1st year wedding anniversary tomorrow. For someone that never imagined getting married (me), this is a huge accomplishment. Last year, prior to our wedding at Ferndale City Hall, I wrote a little ditty for Jim, sort of a wedding present from me to him. I recorded this on the Kurzweil, so it’s just sort of a demo demo since I haven’t had much time to really dig my heels into anything lately – I gotta work long hours to buy all the kitten kibble around here. Funny thing is, when I started on this recording the other day, I was kind of mad at Jim, feeling crabby, and I think I got snippy with him at some point, mad about the laundry or the teevee or something stupid. Isn’t it always that way?

So, happy Anniversary dear! Here’s to many more! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


One Response to “Demo! Demo!”

  1. Tal Says:

    How sweet!
    Keep ’em coming!

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