One of Eight

June 16, 2010

Irving Berlin was one of eight children according to Wikipedia. Our similarities end there pretty much. I love this song and I’ve often played it to myself at home on the piano. Sometimes it makes me cry. “What’ll I Do?” was a huge hit for so many singers, like Frank Sinatra. I love Frank Sinatra. The song is over 85 years old but it’s simple sentiment moves me to tears. This is the kind of song I wish I’d written.

I actually got hired to work right at the time I was finishing the last White Album song, “Goodnight”. It’s a temporary job, but the timing couldn’t be more serendipitous. I got a call for another job today too. What’s happening??? I started the blog three days after I lost my job, then I started to work three days after I posted the last song of the White Album…weird.

That’s why today’s song was so simple and recorded late tonight and posted late. I’ve been working 12 hour days. I like the “every nine days” policy of this blogathon but I can do away with the other restrictions now. I’m thinking I might add a new instrument to this song every nine days and see what I come up with. You know, when I have more time to arrange it. Maybe I’ll make Jim play on it. Then I’ll move onto another song. When these 12 hour shifts are over I’ll write something new.

Maybe that Lady Gaga/Irving Berlin mash up will come together after all.


3 Responses to “One of Eight”

  1. jenny barbour Says:

    there we are…

    the ultimate instrument, voice on breath, whistle on lips, the heart is the voice is the song…

    i’m on board for whatever you want to do with this blogling project.

    thanks miss d, was missing you! o’s

  2. Marc Moskowitz Says:

    This hit me hard today. Beautiful.

  3. Jarod Facknitz Says:

    Your pipes and that piano are a fucking winning combination!

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