Revolution 9

May 29, 2010

I started working on this composition on Tuesday morning. Took a call from my mom, a call from my credit card company. Around 11:30 I got a text from Patrick. My phone was not receiving calls. He’d get a message saying something like, “The number you have dialed cannot be reached at this time. Try your call again later.”

Oh. My payment was late. I drove to the Verizon store and paid my bill.

All day the phone was silent.

Finally at 6pm, I called Verizon to find out why no one could get ahold of me. I could make calls out, I could text and receive texts. Just my phone wasn’t ringing. The young lady in customer service tested my number to find out what the problem was. She came back to the line.

“The reason you aren’t receiving calls is because your number is being forwarded to another number.”

“Another number? Why would that be happening?”

“Well, you can forward calls on your phone by pressing……”

(mumbo jumbo I do not recall or understand)

“I didn’t do that. I don’t even know how to do that. If I did, I did it in my sleep in the middle of the day when I was awake. What number is it being forwarded to?”

“The number nine,” she said.


17 Responses to “Revolution 9”

  1. CP Says:

    Super cool rendition!

    Please form a punk band with me!

  2. King Elessar 8 Says:


    Well… you did it. I would say its the best cover version of “Revolution 9” I have ever heard, but I am pretty sure it’s the only cover version of “Revolution 9” I have ever heard. I am tempted to go try making my own version of it though; its not that far off some of my earlier compositions.

  3. Lisa Says:

    Number 9…number 9

  4. jenny barbour Says:

    ding dangit I am so disappointed! I read your way cool funny post and iPhone won’t play your song. back in a bit…

  5. Jim Warner Says:


  6. Frank Schnyder Says:

    Great job! Happy birthday, indeed.

  7. Tal Says:

    Is it over????
    Keep going, keep going!

  8. Joel Says:

    Thanks… I’ve really enjoyed your work!

    What about Pink Floyd next?

  9. bryan Says:


  10. jenny barbour Says:

    i have flashbacks of hal 2001 space odyssey, add # 9 & get: 2010. this is what you started in my head, sorry! but so it is:

    a church is a candle lit
    i’d go to confession, but not a catholic
    i send my cat, le chat-olic

    the confessional is a box
    without workings of a clock
    (my cat would speak but cannot talk)

    turn around & hear: “turn on”
    i’m all in until i am
    so turn me on dead man…

    organ is the heart,
    church has to start
    solution absolution, add it to my cart

    i light a candle burns
    my concerns, gently my cat unlearns
    circles my feet, stop turns

    the mirror in the mirror
    i recall will forever
    after fall

    please do delete this if inappropriate d,
    yours is art, mine is ranting of mad woman… 🙂

  11. Tal Says:

    I know!
    Every nine days, or so, you make a cover of the song that topped the charts on your birthdays, chronologically!

  12. jenny barbour Says:

    hey i know what i would love and it is very synthe-compatible. laura nyro covers.

    picture it, you jim cat all on stairs with board jammin…

    laura nyro rocks a lot like you do… xoxo

  13. I have to say that is the weirdest song I have ever heard. It’s been ages since I heard the original, but I bet it’s not far off.

    It felt like miscellaneous clips strung together, which is probably how they made the original.

  14. jimmy j Says:

    What an incredibly epic (and, for most of us, incredibly humbling) project!
    Now you get to write a book about what the White Album looks like from the inside. Then again, maybe you’ve earned the right to put the record away for awile…
    I’m really, really proud of you D!

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