Honey Pie

May 2, 2010

It’s truly the 11th hour as I write this post, beating my nine day deadline by merely minutes. I spent a lot of time with Uncle Ed this week, helping with a garage sale that my sister talked me into. It’s exhausting running a garage sale with a senior that barely gets around with a walker, but it’s always a good way to meet odd people. I met a lady that owns an Elvis impersonator management company. She had an Elvis purse and long, frizzy Priscilla Presley hair. We talked about American Idol. Another woman told me she nurses monarch butterfly eggs with milkweed until they reach chrysalis. She said that only one in one hundred survive in “the wild” due to hungry predators. She had a butterfly purse. A woman’s purse is like a window to her personality. You can always start a conversation with a woman about her purse. I have a lot of purses, mostly due to the fact that I inherited a bunch from my Aunt Norma. She had good taste and she loved to shop. Hence, the garage sale!

The piano was hard for me to get down this week. My mind couldn’t wrap itself around the chord changes fast enough for my hands to respond. I wasn’t EVEN going to attempt the guitar on this one. I unintentionally broke one of my rules on Honey Pie, having the first and only guest vocalist on the White Album project. Jim helped me with the recording today, as the piano is on the main floor and the recording gear is in the basement. Since he was willing to help, I decided to sing in the stairwell, do a bit of finger snapping and whistling. It’s the best place in the house to sing. Listen closely during the instrumental bit and you will hear a call and response of sorts: me whistling and our cat Porky responding, or you might say cat-calling. We left it in. Here’s Porky:

Last week’s post, Revolution, sounded quite sleepy and I didn’t realize how drowsy and sluggish it sounded until my friend Ann told me that I sounded like I was stoned. I don’t get stoned. I do get sleepy though. And working on these songs at night is not a good idea. The singing gets out of tune and the playing is sloppier. I’m going to bed now.


13 Responses to “Honey Pie”

  1. jenny barbour Says:

    oh honey pie, i love this. put it in your top 5 best just for me. i could live in it.

    i am not musical, don’t know your “synthesizer?”, but i adore the sounds you have here. the backstory (not needed to love this cover) is charming. this is one i wish i could add to my radio music… thrilled by your VOICE.

    i say the magic here is(considering back story):

    1.U R tired enough to be less self-consciousness
    2.rushed enough that you belt it out (lively not fast)
    3.YUMMY laugh in the middle with cat call
    (4.dont the beattles have a track somewhere w/them laughing at end?)

    PORKY should be named OUTRAGEOUSLY GORGEOUS: ohgee

    🙂 thanks for this project sharing. it begins to mark time with my own tranformative time…

  2. jenny barbour Says:

    not that you otherwise are self-conscious
    not that you are not lively otherwise
    commendable that you can share great credits of great work with jim and CAT. 🙂 o’x

  3. King Elessar 8 Says:

    Congrats to you and Porky for a job well done. My cat Miles likes to play fast chords on my piano with his feet, maybe a feline band is in order? I second the comment above that is one of your best efforts, I actually think in the main it is better than the Beatles version – a lot less corny (not too crazy about “Honey Pie” overall).

  4. King Elessar 8 Says:

    And not to get ahead of ourselves, but I am massively curious (maybe “morbidly” would be a good word here) to see what you do with the penultimate track of this album. I guess only 27 more days until I find out!

  5. jennyb Says:

    don’t fret it before it is met… perhaps mount synthesizer to stair well wall…ah, here it is… the art happens when our heart speaks to our heart…

  6. Jim Warner Says:

    RE: art happens when our heart speaks to our heart:
    Nice; who said that?

    Deanne I love the sound of your voice when you go softly up high.

    In all of these songs you manage to hit me with some little something…

  7. jenny barbour Says:

    Re: art…
    just little ol’me there…

  8. Matt Blick Says:


    This definitely smokes the beatles version.

    You sound like you’re having fun, whereas McCartney just sounds kinda pleased with himself and you and the Cat are a killer combination!

  9. Jo Says:

    This is so lovely, I’ve listened to it again and again. Looking forward to seeing you (and Porky, and Jim of course) very soon.

  10. Jarod Facknitz Says:

    This is a lot of fun. Your pop voice lends itself well to the number- who knew you had a touch of tin pan alley stashed in those pipes? Love the keyboard flourishes, and your kitty’s crooning with your laughter warmed the cockles of my ticker.

  11. Marien Says:

    Enjoyed the song, loved the cat! It’s great you left that in.

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