Revolution 1

April 23, 2010

Here we are at song #25. Only 5 more to go. The thought makes me a little sad. I can’t believe that I’ve been doing this for more than 7 months. If this project has done nothing else than motivate me to play, then it’s done enough. But it’s been more to me than that.  I’ve lost some of the self-consciousness I felt as a singer who isn’t really a singer and a musician with limited skills. I like the idea of throwing a song out there, every nine days, warts and all. I work with what I’ve got and sometimes I connect with someone listening. Great!

Speaking of warts, tonight I will be performing at Public Pool in Hamtramck with my Siren cohort, Melody, singing the cheesy songs of Aerosmith that I have no right or reason to attempt other than I was asked to do it. Aerosmith wrote some kick-ass jams in the seventies. What ever happened to THAT band?

Revolution 1 is a pokey, shuffley number. Not my favorite rhythm to play on the drums, as you can tell…I love the horns in the original, much better than the weird noise emanating from my Casio SA-21. My favorite parts to play were the dirty, gritty electric guitar bits. Go figure. The lyrics are great. The Chairman Mao line makes me think of this:

This cat looks like my garden buddy Sampson. Since it’s spring, he insists on going out every day on his leash to smell the neighbors bushes and watch the scurrying chipmunks and birds flitting around the backyard. My friend Elsie asked me today why I gave up eating chicken. I told her a story about how I rescued a little sparrow at work that kept slamming itself into the big storefront windows. When I finally got hold of it and cupped it in my hands, I couldn’t believe how light it was. It’s little heart was beating furiously and it was surely dazed. I set the bird outside under a bush and eventually it flew away. I thought, why would I bother saving this little sparrow and then eat a chicken?


5 Responses to “Revolution 1”

  1. Matt Blick Says:

    wow! on the home stretch now.

    As a next project why don’t you redo the Let It Be album? You stand a very good chance of doing better than the Beatles did!

    Re the Chicken/Sparrow question – it’s beacuse Sparrows are too small to eat but Chicken is so darned tasty! Well I’m only saying!…(I’ll get my coat)

  2. Tal Says:

    “Re the Chicken/Sparrow question”
    No Matt, it’s about life and dignity. Think again.
    Great song – again!

    • dmiovan Says:

      I haven’t read this book yet but I have seen the author interviewed and I think his approach to food is very thoughtful. Here’s a link for anyone interested in learning something about themselves:

      I like that he talks about the psychology and culture of how and what we eat. When I smell a steak being grilled in the neighbor’s yard, it triggers emotions and good feelings of family and my father and simpler times. But then I think about what it actually is that I’m smelling and that changes. I’m not going to get those moments back by eating a steak. Am I making sense?

  3. Tal Says:

    Total sense!
    (I own that book, but haven’t read it yet.)

  4. jenny barbour Says:

    hey. love this.
    love your shoobie doobie
    love your mao chmn rowr kitty
    AND story of sparrow and chickens
    love your deep twanging geeetar…

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