Long, Long, Long

April 14, 2010

Jim and I went to Homosassa Florida over the weekend to help Uncle Ed empty his house. Thanks to my dear Aunt Norma, there was a lot of stuff to pack and load and drive back to Michigan. Not much in Homosassa but a giant retirement community on a golf course in the middle of a very needy part of the state. Jim commented that he always sees missing person signs with pictures of teenage girls on them in the crappy diners that Uncle Ed likes to eat at. Sad but true. There is a great wildlife park in Homosassa Springs with rescue manatees that we didn’t get to visit this time…too much heavy furniture to lift. I can’t figure out if the native Floridians like having retirees come to their town and spend money or if they are annoyed with them. Florida is kind of sad like Michigan right now – a lot of foreclosures, a lot of people leaving and dying. The drive was beautiful – through Georgia and through the hills in Tennessee and Kentucky. Red buds were blooming and growing through the rocks. I like driving with Jim. He’s good company.

I didn’t have much time to spend on Long, Long, Long although I think it turned out alright thanks to Jim’s engineering expertise. Some people have personal trainers, I have a personal engineer. That’s probably why I can’t seem to lose the weight I gained when I quit smoking…

Had I not lost 4 days I would have spent more time playing the proper parts and practicing the guitar. I had it all figured out last week and then Jim listened to the song and said, “I think he’s playing with a capo.” Ultimately, it sounds better with the open strings but I’ve never used one before so it took me a while to figure out the chords. Capos always seemed like sissy girl things to use, but what do I know? I don’t even play the guitar. Besides, if George Harrison can use one then I suppose I can too. Once again, the casio rocks! Enjoy.


5 Responses to “Long, Long, Long”

  1. Steve Says:

    I’ve been listening to these recordings ever since I stumbled upon them accident looking for something else about a month ago. What an absolute pleasure it is to listen to – every bit as enjoyable as the original.

    Great to hear the Casio SK1 put to such good use. I’ve had one since 1986 and really like hearing it playing well-known Beatles parts.

    Keep up the good work, great standard throughout.

  2. Lisa Says:

    D – lovely

  3. Frank Schnyder Says:

    Can’t figure out if this still a tribute to the Beatles or turning into an SK-1 tribute! Great job again, Deanne.

  4. Jarod Facknitz Says:

    Well done. Soothing, surreal.

  5. jenny barbour Says:

    all the weathering storm, hauling one life out of its trench to a lighter perch, is the perfect backdrop for this recording.

    in your simplicity, jim’s input, your added patience, i think of your sparrow, and hear your love for my own family long ago, for me… do we all end up misplaced, perhaps.

    but this recording isn’t. it is a necessity of brevity, and hits home. even as i have lived it ends, a staccato firing of rhythm, fast heart, last light, sweet comfort.

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