Sexy Sadie

March 27, 2010

Whenever I publish a poor performance on this blog I cringe. Sometimes I don’t check the blog for days because I can’t bear the thought of anyone listening to it. But that’s part of the experience. It’s not always easy for me to learn a song in 9 days. You throw stuff out there and hope it’s not embarrassing. Postings that have made me cringe at first can become favorites of mine too. Not last week’s song though. That was a stinker. But I think I’ve redeemed myself with Sexy Sadie. I think it’s the rhythm of the song, the backing vocals, the piano. It’s all more in line with my musical sensibilities.

So, I was thinking about this song the other day with the lyrics going through my head while I was cleaning my dad’s bathroom. He has trouble hitting the mark these days, so the bathroom floor needs to be addressed on a daily basis, but I can only get over to my folks twice a week, maybe. Anyway, as I was thinking about the lyrics to Sexy Sadie, “she’s the latest and the greatest of them all”, Cat Power’s song The Greatest came to mind. I thought it was a good sounding record when it came out. Chan Marshall did a lot of touring and I saw her on Austin City Limits around that time. I think she played the outdoor Taste Fest in Detroit that year too. Then my mind wandered a bit, as it will when performing menial work, and I thought, I wonder if  Chan Marshall ever cleans out her dad’s toilet? Probably not. She’s probably too busy for that. Then I thought of other people that are too busy to clean my dad’s toilet, like my brothers. Then I thought, I really wish I had a job right now. But somebody’s got to clean out this toilet. It’s like having babies, older parents with neurological disease. Only, they don’t ever learn like babies do and they never grow out of anything, they just get worse. And they don’t look more like you everyday. So it’s all the work of taking care of a baby only without the gratifying things that come with parenting.

This song is about the Maharishi. John Lennon was looking for someone to admire. People that are supposed to be evolved and enlightened can often fall short of your expectations. That’s a good reason not to worship people like Tiger Woods. Why is everyone so obsessed with his tawdry sex life? I feel embarrassed every time I see him on t.v. apologizing to me. And Sandra Bullock and her loser husband? It’s none of my business and I don’t want to hear about it. Besides, I’m too busy. I have songs to record and toilets to clean.


5 Responses to “Sexy Sadie”

  1. Jim Warner Says:

    Don’t worry what we think. What would John and Yoko do? Worry, we might critique “Give Peace a Chance”? Hey, what you’re doing is amazing, challenging and beautiful.
    We’re with you.
    P.S. Hope you keep writing blogs like this one.. even after “Goodnight”.

  2. King Elessar 8 Says:

    Big thumbs up. You sound really confident with this song.

  3. Jawbone Says:

    Nailed it. You are the best Ringo-style fill drummer there is. All the instruments sound great, piano, guitar – very funky bass-work. Nice vocals and mix, I agree with King Elssar 8, you’re flying this plane. Thanks.

  4. jenny barbour Says:

    i agree with all above me on your voice, drums, bass, this one you were born into. so, about the previous – “monkey…” the beattles have a HUGE advantage (as does every group) over the single singer (even if she can overlap tracks of herself…

    a group can accommodate different songs with different passions, skill, interpretations, ranges, talents. ah, alas, for the song writer who never gets to cover his/her own lyrics well, you are bold as helllll even trying this. so… that said Yay! and thanks for cutting time with us and with you.

    my talents are vocal washboards so power on you talented skilled and remarkable you!

    i also love this blog entry. having spent quite some time under my father’s toilet, we’ve got some ghandi in us now. joy girl! thx again, cousin jen

  5. halloweenjack Says:

    Holy Moly, that’s a good one!

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