Mother Nature’s Son

March 9, 2010

This song is so right for this week’s posting. It’s just starting to feel warm and spring-like in Michigan. I’m looking forward to lounging in the back forty with my cat Sampson, watching the squirrels and chipmunks scurry about the yard, digging up food buried months ago when this blog started (how do they do that?), listening to the birds musical chatter from the pear tree. I almost want to jump out of my skin with excitement for the change in weather. We could all use the sunshine around here. It’s been a blah couple of months but I’m feeling optimistic. Today, anyway.

I didn’t spend much time on my Beatles song this week, due in part to family responsibilities and also the fact that I was working on some original music for a change. I had so much fun working on my own thing that I have to admit, I was not looking forward to working on this song. It doesn’t help that it’s all picky, strummy, make-me-want-to-scream acoustic guitar on this one either. It’s a pretty song and Paul McCartney has such a sweet and lovely voice. The horns are fabulous too; needless to say, I could barely eek out a semblance of their majesty on my Casio Sk-1. Why does every Paul song have an elaborate string or horn arrangement? Everything I recorded sounded out of tune, even though the Casio has a tuner and I did tune it with a very tiny screwdriver, before and while I was recording. Oh…maybe I was drinking a screwdriver and thinking that I was in tune… but, I think the tuning varies key to key, note to note on that piece of Japanese plastic. The batteries might be old too. So I said to Jim, pretend you’ve never heard of Paul McCartney or this song or anything called the White Album. Just mix with the weirdness that is my out-of-tune version of Mother Nature’s Son. He wasn’t very happy with me. And this is it:


4 Responses to “Mother Nature’s Son”

  1. Frank Schnyder Says:

    Nice job. It’s wierd to hear that little keyboard I’ve owned for 25 years on someone else’s recording. Don’t forget there’s a tuning screw underneath. actually, it sounded fine to me…but then I’m a drummer.

  2. King Elessar 8 Says:

    This is one Paul song that I never thought needed any kind of special horn/string arrangement. Just an acoustic guitar and a voice, sitting on a stool, or even better, strolling through a field in the hour just before twilight. Your vocal was really good on this one.

  3. jenny barbour Says:

    i have to ditto everything king says above.

    sorry for my absence; i was walk about a while…

  4. Lisa Nagy Says:

    I have listened to this song hundreds of times, and hearing your version was the first time I actually understood the words. Your voice is beautiful.

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