February 19, 2010

February is a big month for birthdays on my calendar – the first one being mine, of course. The all glamazon rock band (The Sirens) that I played in for 5+ years is playing a show (I’m not allowed to call it a re-union) in March for someone’s birthday. Apparently the birthday boy is a fan, and we being five kindly genies that like to dress up like drag queens, have granted him his birthday wish. Would that make us “queenies”? I talked the girls into playing Birthday for the set list and most of us agreed that this song is what you might call “a jam”. Which is why I’m utterly disappointed in my own rendition. It’s so lame. It started out well enough, the drums and bass, tambourines, shakers and handclaps. But the guitar and vocals just about suck. And I’m having a bad day, so listening to it makes me feel even worse. The day, like the song, started out well enough. I want to go to sleep and wake up again. Start a new day. Start a new song. I’m glad I have cats. I always feel comforted by their presence and I think they sense when I’m not feeling well. They lay down on my lap and somehow the weight and warmth of their soft, furry bodies makes me feel better. They’re like an electric blanket that purrs. Hmmm…that’s not a bad idea. I’m glad Jim is around too. He’s nicer to me than anyone else is and I don’t even know if I deserve that, but I’ll take it. I need it today.


7 Responses to “Birthday”

  1. Tal Says:

    It rocks!
    It rolls!
    Be proud!

  2. Camilla Says:

    Don’t feel bad about the song – it’s great! Made me happy at least. 🙂 Looking forward to your next update. You’re so cool!

  3. Matt Blick Says:

    “just about suck”?

    So that means that the guitar and vocals failed to suck. So they were fine. I agree.

    More than halfway through now – keep going! We’re loving it.

  4. Matt Blick Says:

    Sorry for the dumb sleepy comment

    what I meant to say was –

    they sounded fine to me.

    You hear what you were trying to do.
    We only hear what you did.
    Guitar fine.
    Vocals fine.

    onto Yer Blues…

  5. King Elessar 8 Says:

    I thought it was fine. It’s a pretty minor song to begin with (Lennon said at one point that it was just a rubbish song they quickly recorded to have another album track), it’s not like you can do much with it. Can’t wait for the next one!

    • dmiovan Says:

      I actually love this song! I think it’s a really fun song that turned into a classic and sure, it’s not complicated or deep, but some of my favorite all time songs are very simple. Fact is, I didn’t practice the guitar enough and I can’t yell-sing. This wasn’t my best effort, so I’m disappointed in myself.

  6. jenny barbour Says:

    i agree with everyone but you on this and sorry i am late with supportive posting!

    if cate blanchett can play dylan, and gweneth paltrow play romeo, we get to love this version of birthday.

    i like what you did here. happy birthday late! o’s

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