I Will

February 1, 2010

February 1st is my birthday and there’s nothing better than spending your birthday eating sushi with someone you love. A little mackerel, a little vegetable tempura, some hot tea on a frigid winter afternoon. Perfect. Jim & I went ice skating in downtown Detroit last night at the Campus Martius rink. Every birthday is cold and grey so I just figured, why fight it? I might as well learn to enjoy my gloomy February birthday in some way.  The good news is that many friends and neighbors came out and braved the bone chilling weather to help celebrate. I haven’t been on skates in over ten years, but I’m proud to say that I managed not to fall, and that’s quite a feat, considering how high my center of gravity is. For as long as I can remember, Detroit has been in a depressed state of mind. Overwhelming poverty, empty buildings, wide open spaces, a dwindling population brought on by poor city services and high unemployment, all add up to a sad little city. This economic downturn has made things worse. Despite all that, I love Detroit. I don’t live there anymore. It’s too frustrating for me. I leave that to the ones with stronger constitutions and less fear. I think that the ice rink at Campus Martius is ingenious. I’m so glad it exists. If there’s one thing this city needs, it’s a little recreation. It was Sunday night and there were a lot of people there. And young kids too! Most people were unsteady on their skates, but everyone was out there, inching along, falling and getting up again. The spirit of Detroit.

This arrangement of I Will was inspired by my inability to play the guitar with any kind of skill and by what sounds like Paul singing the bass line in the original. I thought, why not just sing the whole song, make it a vocal only arrangement. That’s not to say it was easy. It’s a confusing way to put together a song. I slowed the tempo a bit too, so it’s a little longer than the original. I had to figure out the chords and try some different harmonies, record and re-record parts. Harmonizing doesn’t come naturally to me. I have to work and work at it. For this song, I think I did ok. I hope you think so too.


14 Responses to “I Will”

  1. jennybarbour Says:

    well, it was good enough to make me weep.
    i have a cold b’day too. think that if you can find a skating rink/lake/pond that is not so taken over by pros that you are one of a number of folks just making their way… well, that is nothing short of sweet, as you already know.
    my folks are/were old michiganders and i have a heart spot for all things M. most of my memories of being there are in the woods, by a lake, but everywhere i ever went there felt like a good solid home town.

    i think you did great with this and thank you for touching my heart. and, thank you too, for including me in your family, and this circle. much grateful to you… helps keep the cold at the door. o’s! jb

  2. King Elessar 8 Says:

    I love this arrangement – your most creative work for this project IMO. But if you don’t mind my saying I think the tempo is a little too slow – it loses the jaunty “horse ride in a carriage on a summer day” feel of the original. If you increased the speed slightly you would have a really great cover.

  3. Cnoocy Says:

    This is beautiful. I think this may be one of my favorite Beatles covers period.

  4. jennybarbour Says:

    i second what his highness says, oh king of elssar…
    still, i woke with the tune sticking in my head… a sentimental time for me right now. and glad for you to be on this journey and to share.

  5. jennybarbour Says:

    ps happy bday!

  6. Dom Says:

    Glad you enjoyed the skating rink at Campus Martius. I too, am glad at the addition of it to the city.


  7. halloweenjack Says:

    Wow, that’s beautiful!

  8. js27 Says:

    awesome project, love the cover…the covers! excellent idea and execution, i will have to play some of these on my little college radio show…

  9. Tal Says:

    Love your work!
    Just one question though… I thought you were a vegetarian, so what’s with the “sushi” & “mackerel”?

    • dmiovan Says:

      No. I’m not a vegetarian, although I seem to be heading in that direction. It started with red meat, then birds a year later. I only sometimes eat fish, but my favorite “sushi” is the veggie kind.

  10. Roger Green Says:

    Belated happy birthday!

  11. Really enjoy your voice, Deanne!! This was a joy to listen to. We would enjoy having a tape of all these songs – is that possible?

  12. Mark Dominus Says:

    The file for this track is missing. I found it on Spotify, but I’d like to download it also. Can you please fix the link? Or contact me at mjd@plover.com and tell me how to get a copy?


    • Deanne Says:

      Thanks Mark! That is very weird. it’s not on my itunes either…hmmmm….I will find out what is up and email you a copy. Thanks for diggin the covers. Sometimes I think to myself, “did I really do that?” because it feels like a lifetime ago. I guess I need to get back to work! Cheers! xoxo

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