December 18, 2009

This is a song I’ve been looking forward to learning since I started this blog. It’s such a pretty song and when I’ve watched people play Blackbird, it looked do-able, like even a clumsy bassist (me) could pluck it out. Of course, it took Jim about 20 minutes to learn the song, then he showed me how to play it. Apparently, in his early days of playing the guitar, this one wasn’t on his radar. At age 12, his mellow acoustic jams of choice were Dust in The Wind and Stairway to Heaven. Once I got the patterns memorized, I practiced the song every day, several times a day, for about 6 days. I decided to record it on Wednesday because Thursday is dad day and I wanted to give Jim time to mix it before the Friday deadline.

So, Wednesday afternoon rolled around and I started cooking lunch, chopping up garlic and eggplant and green pepper. I wanted to add some fresh ginger to the pan, so I grabbed the potato peeler and went at the ginger with a bit too much vigor. Ever lose a layer of skin to a potato peeler? I took some photos to post, just for fun:


I’ve said before that I’m NOT a guitar player by trade, but I really loved learning this song and I can’t stop playing it! However, it was super painful to lose the tip of my index finger on my left hand, a very important finger for normal everyday activities, not to mention it’s importance in a song like Blackbird. It wasn’t like I could just reconfigure my finger placement. I’m not that competent! A harpist friend suggested this product called New-Skin liquid bandage. It’s basically super glue with antiseptic (alcohol) in it. I screamed when I painted it across my gaping wound with the plastic brush applicator. My finger screamed. It throbbed for about an hour. Later that night I recorded the song and after 26 false starts, this is what I got. I didn’t want to make any edits. I wanted to play the whole song through from beginning to end. So if you hear anything that’s kinda wonky, it’s because I didn’t “fix’ any of it. I know, it’s so old-fashioned.

I saw this link on Cute Overload this week that was quite timely. You’ll have to copy and paste it as I still haven’t figured out how to use this WordPress blog.–Injured-bird-Sisso-gets-harness-learn-fly-again.html


10 Responses to “Blackbird”

  1. LInda S. Says:

    I know you too well……everything you do sounds great…..cheers to Jimmy!

  2. side3 Says:

    Very nice guitar work!!

  3. aaron Says:

    this week i was recording a solo that had a bunch of sliding… not only did i get a big blister on my index finger, i lost a chunk of skin where my hand was sliding against the side of the neck!

  4. halloweenjack Says:

    Well Played! Is that the Seagull? You’ve got it humming like I’ve never heard it before.

    • dmiovan Says:

      It is your guitar, Bryan, and I somehow managed not to bleed all over it. Thank you for generously lending it to me. You’re never getting it back.

  5. halloweenjack Says:

    You do make it sound better than I do.

  6. lisa nagy Says:

    one of my favorites. and i love the ‘just for fun’ bloody finger shots. it added that little extra something.
    your voice is beautiful.

  7. David McKay Says:

    I was interested to hear Paul McCartney say that Bach’s Bourree in E Minor was an inspiration for this song. I think I can see a connection between the progression in bars 9 and following of the Bach Bourree with Paul’s great song.

    Always loved Jethro Tull’s swing version and variations on the first 8 bars of the bourree.

    Enjoyed your version today, Deanne.

  8. dear jabby Says:

    well i am emotional right now anyway. a lot of things going wrong so the bird in the sling and the injured finger meet me half way back to myself. i love everything you do, and listening to this, again, i believe… is so soothing. thank you for your postings. nothing wonky here and your link hyper dittied itself just fine. xoxox jenny b

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