John Lennon

December 8, 2009

I was 11 years old when John Lennon was murdered. My brother Stephen & I heard the story on the news, late at night, sitting at the kitchen table eating cold left-over roast beef with horseradish sauce. Our older sister was on a date with her musician boyfriend that she married and subsequently divorced. We wanted to stay up late for her so we could tell her the news. I don’t remember what her reaction was, but why do I remember the roast beef? John Lennon was the first person that I felt like I knew and cared about that died. It didn’t make sense to my young mind then and it still doesn’t. No matter how you look at the “right to bear arms”, guns are made to kill and nothing else. They always end up making someone feel sad.


One Response to “John Lennon”

  1. dear jabby Says:

    you are just lovely, that is all. xoxo

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