Life Goes On

October 16, 2009

Sometimes I get so many ideas in my head, I want to do too many things at once. Then I wonder if I do anything really well at all. Like when I played in four bands at the same time. It’s not this Attention Deficit Disorder that afflicts me. No. I have parents that raised me to THINK that I could do anything I wanted. That’s a blessing and a curse, as they say. I still haven’t found a job. Seems that most companies want your brains and your soul only to pay barely above minimum wage. So, what else can I do but try to occupy myself with interesting projects? Unlike Molly & Desmond Jones, I don’t have children to lovingly suck the life out of me. Does Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da have some deep message for us all? As I recorded the song and played it over and over, it became sort of infectious. I found my self smiling and genuinely laughing as I recorded the vocals. It seems that many people (including John Lennon) don’t (didn’t) like this song, but it was a huge hit! What does that say about us? The life depicted in this song seems very ordinary to me – work, children, marriage – yet, it’s kind of romantic too. And dear Molly sings in a band. She’s a mom but I think she has a few dreams that she’s not giving up.

I gave my dad a sneak preview of the song yesterday. He was in a crabby mood  and I wasn’t looking forward to spending the day with him. He barely gets moving these days, so he’s cold all the time. The weather has changed in Michigan and he’s not adapting well. But he still likes to get out of the house and go somewhere. Anywhere. I always play the oldies radio for him in the car because he loves popular music and my mom doesn’t play anything in their house but church music. I told him that I recorded a new song and played it for him. He actually said it was “beautiful” and clapped his hands along to the music. I don’t expect ANYONE else to have the same reaction as he did. He may have dementia and not know who the hell he is half the time, but he is still my dad.


24 Responses to “Life Goes On”

  1. Great music Deanne!! This song makes me want to dance. I love your story and your rendition of the song.

  2. Janell Says:

    Awww this one makes me happy.. Well they all make me happy but this one made my friday much more cheerful… i think I might listen again

  3. Jen Says:

    Love it! And I love that it made your dad so happy :]

  4. Judy Says:

    Deanne……Gave a definate “KICK” to an otherwise humdrum Friday afternoon. FUN! And always love your written thoughts…especially accounts about Dad. Love, Judy

  5. Margie Says:

    Deanne, this is really fun. I love the narative about your dad. It made me clap along too.

  6. Samuel Says:

    I really the “thank you” at the end. Thanks.

  7. terry Says:

    you’re a fine daughter.
    and a wonderful person.

  8. Mark Says:

    it made me smile.

  9. Lisa Says:

    life does go on…and your Dad was right.
    i hope you’re going to put a master cd together when this project is over. you are so talented and these songs are lovely, it would be perfect karma.

  10. Tony Says:


    I love it so far, you have a lovely voice.

    Best wishes from Sweden

  11. Michelle Says:

    I LOVE THIS SONG!!!! IT’S ONE OF MY FAVORTES-THANK YOU FOR SHARING DEANNE-you have such a talent my friend!!!

  12. halloweenjack Says:

    This song rules!

  13. jennybarbour Says:

    love love love this!

    the beat makes me feel like i got 3 steps up the stair and forgot where i was going so headed back down, but at the landing i remembered and up 3 steps again, to go back down again and so on. perfect for how i feel right now. autumn winter at hand. love your papa clapping with you singing and playing. he may not know who anyone is, but you reach him with your life delight, and that is really all we ever do that joys, isn’t it?

    a small ps, about desmond and molly… i always thought he ended up being a sort of a cross dressing performer! even when i was a little girl i thought that. raising kids and then deciding he loved the stage in a new way, and then molly, returned to girling and selling, and gave him his turn… am i mad? (as in stark raving)!!

  14. misty Says:

    I really liked Life goes on. I was bopping my head sitting in front of my pc and was eating a pork chop all at the same time. I dont have dementia, and I really appreciated your song!! Bravo for Dad’s who love us no matter what!!

  15. kc Says:

    That was GREAT and Amazing Thank you…all the best to you and your dad

  16. Lollypop Says:

    I love music and take voice lessons and this is a big inspiration to me. I’m now thinking of doing a Beatles song for my Compitition…I think it would be way fun and unique, since most kids my age aren’t really into the beatles…

  17. David McKay Says:

    Great fun. I understand it’s not cool to like this song.
    Who wants to be cool?

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