Dear Prudence

September 27, 2009

Here’s the second installment of my White Album project. I will refrain from saying too much about it other than, I felt more in my zone with this song than I did with Back in The USSR. Dear Prudence was never my favorite song on the White Album, but after listening to it a hundred times I’ve grown fond of it. It’s a very sweet and charming song. Once again, I take full responsibility for any bad tuning or mistaken notes. Being a marginal guitar player, I opted for the simple piano part in lieu of pickin’ and a scratchin’ my way through the intro. Hope you like it. All comments are welcome, good or bad. Thanks again to Jim for making me sound better than I am.


36 Responses to “Dear Prudence”

  1. Deanne & Jim, This sounds like a very old fashioned song. I have a personal preference for the first sone you recorded, “Back in the USSR.”

    • dmiovan Says:

      Well, I understand. Back in The USSR is more upbeat! However, this is what will be interesting about playing the songs on this record. There are many (30) and they are all very different. Some are more old fashioned sounding than even this one. So, hang in there!

  2. Andy Henry Says:

    Hey Deanne,

    Very much enjoying this. I know what you said about the intro, but that was a little guitar way in the back there, wasn’t it?

    I like them both, but of course you know how I lean a little more toward the sullen.

    I have never been an uber Beatles fan, but do love some of their stuff. More to the point, The White Album was the one record of theirs that was really important to me, and that I spent a lot of time in my younger days.

    I hope to have some piano work for you soon enough. My plan is to get a lot of rhythm tracks down the second weekend in October, and then it’s play time.

    • dmiovan Says:

      Nope. No guitar on the intro. Just the little riffs I played on Jim’s guitar this time. My old standby still needs a string. Thanks for having faith in me to produce any kind of piano part for your music. I’ll try not to disappoint.

  3. Lisa Says:

    Your voice fits perfectly with this song.
    Love it.

  4. lisa marie Says:

    I love your blog and your music project! you shouldn’t say you suck. you are awesome. your voice is enchanting and addicting and your ability to produce intoxicating music is very special indeed. you ooze talent. i’m so glad you are doing this. i will be following religiously.
    miss seeing you live.
    rock on.

  5. lisa marie Says:

    i guess since there’s another lisa, i’ll post as lisa marie.

  6. Andy Henry Says:

    I believe at some point along the way, you will need to employ the Leslie I just scored on eBay.

  7. halloweenjack Says:

    I love those little Harrison guitar licks, was excited to hear them in this impressively thick arrangement. So much stuff going on in there. This is the type of Beatles song that makes me wonder if they discovered these kind of musical conventions themselves, or if they perfected them from existing templates. There always seems to be a lot of discussion about the lyrics and what inspirated them, but where did they find the inspiration for a tune like this?

    • dmiovan Says:

      Well, I just read on Wikipedia that the song is about Mia Farrow’s sister. I don’t know if that’s true or not. Anyone? I did leave out some of George Harrison’s solo noodling that is played during the “look around round round” part. I didn’t really miss it, did you? If it really was George. Wikipedia also says that Paul played drums on the song because Ringo had walked out (supposedly quitting) in the middling of the White Album sessions. I can’t imagine what that’s like. …being so sick of your band that you walk out…can you Bryan?

      • halloweenjack Says:

        No, I can’t imagine at all.

        But, yes, that was my understanding as well, regarding Prudence Farrow.

      • Side3 Says:

        Paul also played drums on “Back in the USSR”….

      • KingElessar8 Says:

        Yes, its about Mia’s sister Prudence. While on the trip to India, she wouldn’t come outside – she stayed in her room, constantly meditating. John apparently teased her about this, and tried to coax her out, and it turned into a song.

        Anyway, Ringo quit the band because he felt the atmosphere had become so negative among his bandmates that he couldn’t take it anymore. He came back about two weeks later, and he has said it was better for a time after that.

        And nice work on the song. This is my favorite track on the White Album, and your voice is perfect for it. I am a little concerned about how you are going to manage “Helter Skelter” though. Your sweet sounding voice is going to be shredded!

  8. Susie Says:

    Really enjoying your music.

  9. Jake Says:

    Followed the link from USA Today… This is one of my all-time Beatles songs and I think you knocked it out of the park… Very faithful to the original but still put yourself in there. Can’t wait to hear some of the other songs.

  10. yeson1and2 Says:

    Well done! I love this. What a fun project.

  11. Mike Says:

    This is great! Found your link at PopCandy

  12. Daniel Says:

    Hey, found your blog via Pop Candy. I’m a huge Beatles fan and am loving listening to your recordings so far. You have a really lovely voice, and I can’t wait to hear more…

  13. Nina Says:

    I cried listening to Dear Prudence. I’m a sap.

    Well done! Is it wrong to hope you never find a job?


  14. Tony Says:

    Really nice job. What a great idea! Keep it up!

  15. Patriccio Says:

    Killer drums at the end! Ringo has nothing on you, friend! Great covers. I’ll be back for every song installment. What an awesome idea!

  16. kelly Says:

    Very good. Your staying true to the music. sounds damn good Dear…..

  17. Logan Says:

    As a huge Beatles fan – with Dear Prudence being my favorite Beatles song, no less – I had to listen after the post on Pop Candy. My verdict? LOVE IT! Great job – keep it up! Can you send me an MP3 of the song?

  18. Gery DiMarco Says:

    So I should start with a bit of praise. I think this had got to be one of the most creative projects I’ve stumbled on (and will plug) in a long while.

    The bad news comes only in that I like it least of the three you’ve completed. Not as bad as it night sound in that I really think it is the most difficult of the three to recreate and sound interesting without being an exact duplication right down to Lennon’s voice.

    My only other critique… You don’t give yourself enough credit. You’re less crusty than you think and if you’re just knocking off the rust I can’t wait for you to get a few more songs in.

    I’m subscribed. I’m in for the duration. Stay on it!

  19. Very pretty—the song works really well with your voice. I feel like you slightly rushed the rhythm section coming in at 0:45—in the Beatles version, part of the beauty is the way they just sort of sliiiiiide into place.

    That said, this is a really lovely version. Playing the main riff on piano and using the guitar for a simple lick works really well. Between that and your voice, it sounds like The Beatles as covered by Laura Nyro—a very good thing in my book!

  20. Brooke Says:

    Read about you on Pop Candy – what a great idea. After hearing Dear Prudence I can’t wait to hear you do Julia!

  21. Mats Says:

    This is great! very nice voice makes it all very comfortable listening to.
    All the best from Sweden!

  22. terry Says:

    really good! I love it Deanne! And i love u too.

  23. Lollypop Says:

    I really loved the Piano. That was fantastic.

  24. Astro Boy Says:

    Jim Diamond?

  25. kris Says:

    this really is the only bright spot on this project so far.

  26. David McKay Says:

    Day 2
    Sounds great.
    Look forward to Glass Onion tomorrow.

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