The White Album

September 9, 2009

I pause before I write this. A long pause. Ok. This may sound corny, because it is, really, but I was inspired by a movie. The movie “Julie & Julia” inspired this blog. Not because I like to write. I’m not much of a writer (you’re already falling asleep…I’m falling asleep!) And it has nothing to do with food. But when I saw this movie it got me thinking, what would be the musical equivalent of cooking 527 recipes from “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” within a year’s time? For me, it’s the White Album. I thought, what if I were to re-record this album, song by song, beginning to end? That’s kind of like cooking from recipes. Maybe. Maybe a little more complicated. And what would the parameters be? Well, I’d have to go it alone, recording all the instruments and vocals and hand claps myself. That’s where the challenge is. It wouldn’t be interesting to me or any listeners if I didn’t do it myself. But – I can barely play the guitar, not to mention the instruments that I supposedly CAN play I haven’t touched in months. Bass guitar. Drums. I’m a middling piano player too. I almost played “Sexy Sadie” with my friend Kate, her on piano, me on drums, for a show we had as Sunshine Doray, but she nixed that idea, probably after she realized that I wouldn’t be able to help her much. So, I guess that’s why I’m doing this. I’m a musician. I need a reason to play music. But I kinda suck. When you don’t play for a while, you start to suck. Maybe I’m bored. I’m doing this on a blog because it’s the only way I’ll stay committed to the idea. I’ve never done this before, this blogging thing, except with myspace, but that doesn’t really count. I’m hardly on there and I hardly update my blog. In fact, I’ve done nothing of interest to write about on myspace lately. I don’t have a band anymore. I haven’t played a show in over a year. So here is the White Album Project. It’s called Every Nine Days because that is one of the parameters…I have to post a song every nine days to keep the machine fed. My friend Patrick gave me that idea. You know, the whole number nine thing. Does anyone care? I hope so. In nine days I will have my personal rendition of “Back in The USSR” posted on this blog, IF! I can figure out how to attach a music player. I might also need to get some kind of publishing clearance…? I’ll figure that out later. Michael Jackson died, so he won’t care.


7 Responses to “The White Album”

  1. patrick Says:

    Take this brother. May it serve you well…

  2. Lisa Says:

    rock on…

  3. Linda S Says:

    Go for it. You don’t suck…..your just a little crusty leaving it alone for awhile and not using it….just like a slice of bread sitting on the counter. Just that idea is your creativity in itself. So get to it, cause when your in school you won’t be bored! Luv You Sis.

  4. Timmy Says:

    Hey DEE DEE!! Jeannine and I think its great! We all need to do something in our lives and this “should” be a motivator to others to step outside the”box”. I’m very proud of you.Looking forward to the rest of the”album”. LIFE IS LIKE A JUNK DRAWER,NEVER KNOW WHAT YOU’LL GET. LOVE YOU TOO SIS

    • dmiovan Says:

      Yeah! Thanks bro. Wouldn’t it be fun if everyone covered the White Album??? Then we could all sit around and talk about it.

  5. Swestie Says:

    I LIKE it. Cool.

  6. jennybarbour Says:

    hey cousin! thanks for blog info. like this.
    you don’t have to worry about michael but i bet his heirs split hairs… 🙂 xo

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